Why did I ever think it would be a good idea for me to add my voice to the over 53,400,000 blogs on the www?  What do I possibly have to offer?  Not much.

My intentions with this weblog are not to duplicate what my friends and favorite bloggers are doing.  I am not intelligent enough to consistently write complex theological essays.  I am not humorous enough to have you falling out of your chair in laughter.  My life is not interesting enough for a personal diary to be entertaining or edifying.  I am not an intellectual who can wisely discern the culture with any great clarity.  I enjoy reading books, but I don’t particularly enjoy writing reviews of them.  So why am I here?  I’m not sure anymore and think I have just talked myself into closing down this site.

Actually, my desire for this site is very simple.  Most of my posts will have a similar “feel.”  I have entitled the site, “Word Pictures,” because I am going to look at everyday occurrences in life through the lens of the Scriptures and use them to illustrate some aspect of the Christian life.  They are verbal snapshots of life that will hopefully be instructive to Christians.  Basically I am creating a working database of sermon illustrations for myself and you have the unfortunate opportunity to watch it grow.

In addition to this larger purpose, I hope that this blog will be an opportunity for the friends and family we have moved away from to stay in touch with what is going on in our lives and ministry.  Since I cannot have a personal ministry face-to-face with them, maybe I can offer some impersonal spiritual encouragement and instruction from afar via the internet.

I will work hard to keep the posts coming and the site updated.  I am a techno-dummy, so bear with me as I learn the in’s and out’s of blog site management.


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