Tonight the Berachah Bible Church men’s basketball team attempts to remain undefeated in the Fayette County rec league.  Even with the new tithing cap in place, we have managed to be successful during off-season recruiting due to sure-fire evangelistic techniques and more aggressive “sheep stealing,”  and have assembled our first well-rounded and winning team.  If you can pull yourself away from American Idol tonight, come see the boys in action at 8:00 pm in the old Fayette County high school gym.

I also refuse to make any boastful predictions about our team’s potential success, particularly during the post-season tournament.  I have learned my lesson since last time . . . and the time before that.


About wordpictures

My name is Justin Culbertson. I am extremely happily married and the father of 4. We reside in Fayetteville, GA, where I help shepherd Berachah Bible Church. I am best described as John Newton described himself: ""I am not what I ought to be. I am not what I wish to be. I am not even what I hope to be. But, by the Cross of Christ, I am not what I was."
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2 Responses to 4-0?

  1. Hey, slow down there. Two posts in one day???

    By the way, 3-1 is not so bad.

  2. wordpictures says:

    I figure that two weak posts might somehow equal one quality entry.

    Yes, we did lose last night. We played well but they were younger, stonger, quicker, in better shape, and better skilled. We led through most of the first half, but didn’t have the stamina to play at that level for the whole game. Maybe next time . . .

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