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The Question Every 4 Year-Old Asks

Why?  Why is grass green?  Why is water wet?  Why does daddy have no hair?  And why does Word Pictures exist?  I can’t answer any of these questions well, but I can attempt to give a less than adequate answer … Continue reading

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I Remember

I take pause today to remember those who died for the freedom that we possess and too often take for granted in the United States of America.  Memorial Day was not begun so that we could have a three-day weekend and watch … Continue reading

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Swim Class

Here are the other two at their swim lessons. Carson would be the one hanging out on the steps where it’s nice and safe. Cali would be the only girl in the picture.

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Yummy Peas!

My wife just helped me set up a flickr account.  I am actually quite technologically challenged, so she helps me out a lot with my computer issues.  Anywho, I thought I would do a practice post to see how it … Continue reading

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Weed It and Reap

About six weeks ago, we planted a small vegetable garden in our backyard.  I tilled up a small section, mixed in some compost that I had been working on for a couple of years, and planted seven rows of seed.  What a wonderful … Continue reading

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Sweet Georgia Brown!

The painting is complete!  What color, you may ask (Though you won’t ask and don’t even care because you will likely never see it)?  Sweet Georgia Brown.  That’s a good name for paint.  It’s also the name of the Harlem … Continue reading

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Like You Care

According to the Centurion, you don’t care where I am or what I’m doing now.  But I am going to go against good blogging sense and tell you anyway.  I am painting my study at the church today and will … Continue reading

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